Take your time to look through my galleries. There are a total of 6.  Each picture I take, I enjoy seeing every day. I am happy to have the opportunity to see such wonderful motives through my lens.


Equine Elegance

Horses are noble and magnificent animals. The pictures should show them in their true beauty and a spectator should be able to see their personality and soul at first glance. I especially like to shoot early in the morning or in the evening. The light accents the energy of the horse best during these times of day.

From foal to grown steed, I will create the perfect image for each. 


As you see, I have a big weakness for Arabian horses. They are not only beautiful but also have the most wonderful personalities. I love the way they enjoy themselves when they are set free and are full of energy showing every last person how proud and beautiful they are! At the same time they are gentle and cautious of their human and are always soft in the hands. Magical creatures. They have a special place in my heart.


Equine Couture

Images with a black background give the motive a very noble presence. Royalty. It is beautiful for portraits or advertisements. It emphasizes the subject without distracting the spectator with a colorful background. It is rather intensive in work and time and can only be realized with at least 3 different bookings. 


A white background gives the pictures and its subject a sense of purity. natural, pure beauty. no further decoration. a powerful image that speaks for itself


The bond between a horse and its human is a beautiful thing. It is not easy to win the trust of an animal 10 times the size of oneself. Even harder to keep it. But once you've had it, it is the best feeling in the world. Moments of pure beauty.

L'Art D'Equitation

Over the past years I have specialized in indoor arena photography. The right natural light emphasizes special moments of energy between rider and horse. 

With the right energy every arena can become a beautiful backdrop for mesmerizing moments of horse schooling.


"the best the rider can do is to show the fantastic of the horse. All your concentration must be dedicated to the horse."

- Manuel Jorge de Oliveira


 Paulina Vogelgsang

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