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A little gallery to sum up my journey: my first picture of Rodhani, us growing up together, my mother, Johanna Ullström and her team, fangirling April Visel in Paris when i was 15,  watching behind the scenes and helping during April's shoots, a group photo of all people involved in publishing the books vertikal 1-3 and Ted and I a few years back.

I love horses, laughing, food, a good wine and my profession!

After finishing my studies at university in business administration, I decided to pursue my passion. As of the beginning of 2018 I am working full time as a photographer.


lets go back a few years. exactly 10. My beautiful Arabian mare and daily inspiration Rodhani was born. And with her my love for taking pictures. Of her. In every angle and to every occasion. Countless hours of watching her play, eat and sleep in the pasture gave me the ability to quickly see and capture my subject's beauty and spirit.


My mother encouraged me to meet people from whom I could learn. This is how I met horsewoman Johanna Ullström and through her photographer April Visel. She is my biggest Idol in Equine Photography and I am happy I had the chance to meet her a few times in the past years: Running up to her at a show to get a picture with her and tagging along when she was in Europe to watch closely while she was creating magic. 

My journey continued and I got to meet Isabella Sonntag and Riding Master Manuel Jorge de Oliveira. They taught me about truthful work and making no excuses. We have been working together for 4 years and hopefully many more to come. 


Further, I have been able to gather experience in different fields such as people, products, hotels, events and fashion. When I was a child, we had a neighbor - Fashion Photographer Ted Hartshorn. He taught me the basics, such as the rule of thirds, long before I thought about making photography my profession. I have been given the chance to work with him for some time, and he taught me a lot about lighting, timing and locations. 


My favorite is still equine photography and I can't wait to combine it with fashion! If you have any ideas or need somebody specialized in this field, please contact me- I'm the (wo-)man!


I have worked with friends and clients in different countries and love to travel- each trip is a memory I will cherish forever. It gives me new inspiration and energy. 


I hope to meet you soon! 








Vertikal 1 (2017)

The first of three books. It is addressed to true riders, wo want to learn genuine equitation as it was taught by riding masters such as Baucher, Nuno Oliveira, Steinsbrecht, Stensbeck and others. 

It is an introduction to schooling horses from groundwork to basic work from the saddle. Up to now the series is only available in German. An English translation is in work.

Vertikal 2 (2018)

The second of three books. It continues the education of riders and their horses. For more advanced riders who are common with the basics of balance and have read the first book. 

Vertikal 3 (2019)

The third of this series. It is for experienced riders and deals with High level equitation. It will be available as of March 2019. 

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